Collaborated with X Space and UP-ON Performance Art Archive, we brought
together senior artists and nurtured emerging performance artists from mostly Chengdu and Chongqing to revitalize what had been put out by the Covid for several years–a live art festival 

We chose both a decent indoor white box gallery and a chaotic outdoor food market as our venues. As we want to play with an invisible gap, and explore the possibility of socially engaged performance art.


Exhibition Coordinator

The Annual Project for “Community Curators” in Review


1 year, 30 workshops, 529 participants, 6 mentors, 4 academic observers, 13 guest speakers, 19 volunteers, 4 cultural and arts organizations, 4 study groups, 1 “community curation” group, and over 20 active community resident curators. With so many numbers, what exactly have we been busy with? 

To answer this question, we held an annual review exhibition. Through an online seminar, we discussed topics related to each workshop: SPACE, RELATIONSHIP, STORY, and AESTHETICS. We invited artists, curators, publishers, documentarians, scholars, social workers, and local residents to share their observations and actions in the community. We also released a series of review tweets. In these tweets, you can see the main content of the workshops, the works created by residents with careful observation and bold creativity, as well as a series of interviews and review articles.


Curatorial Team



The word “Re-cover”(Xiang Lai)in Chinese folds different dimensions of time. It means the past, the future, the persistent thing and the momentary thing. Only in the overall context can it obtain its semantic meaning. But when used alone, it is a kind of reverberation with a lot of temporal and epochal voice parts stacked inside, or it is piled up arrows seemly with references or crosses.

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